Embarrassing Moment

Alt Embarrassing Moment

Lot of us face embarrassing moments in our life. I would like to share one of my recent incident here.

One fine day evening, I was looking for a house for rent. I spoke with an owner and he asked me to come and see the house. It's located in Venkatapura. He said, "Come to Venkatapura and give me a call." Fine. I started to go to Venkatapura by walk. 

Everything was normal until then. When I was in Madiwala Mandi, drizzle started and soon raining heavily. I didn't have an umbrella with me. So I went to a nearby shelter and stood there. It was around 6:30 PM. I planned to wait for some more time, for up to 1 hour at max. I thought of going back home by cab or an auto if the rain wouldn't stop and visit the house the next day. If it stopped, I thought of going further to Venkatapura. Meanwhile, I was using my mobile for browsing, FB, WhatsApp, taking photos etc.

After some time, the rain stopped. I started my journey towards Venkatapura again. I reached Venkatapura. I took my mobile out(battery was very low) and gave a call to the rental house owner. Suddenly, my mobile was switched off. I didn't have any clue to reach that person or that rental house. And one more thing, I am new to Bangalore. I don’t know the Kannada either. And thus my rental house search ended there. I planned to go back to my home. The worst part was, I forgot the route to go back home. And I was unable to book an Ola cab. The address was in my mobile. I had no clue about my address.

Some days before all these happened, I had written down my current Bangalore address in a small paper and kept it in my purse. That was my only hope. I took that paper out, looking for an auto. He asked some amount and I started bargaining with the auto driver saying, "Sir, it's less than 1 km. I'll come by walk only… etc." While travelling in that auto, that driver asked, "Which block in Koramangala?." That time, I didn't know it. But now I know. Neither was it written in my note. The driver said, "Without knowing Koramangala block number, how will I go sir?"

The auto kept moving, it started drizzling outside again. There was silence in both the sides. I saw some familiar places. Suddenly, I started to tell the route and he went that way. Even then, the auto driver did not trust me. He asked me again, "Sir, do you really remember your route? Do you have money to pay?"

Finally, we reached our destination. That auto driver felt relieved, and me too. And the drizzle continues…