The Glimpse of ReactFoo - Delhi 2018

ReactFoo - Delhi 2018

I recently attended ReactFoo conference in Delhi, I would like to share a glimpse of ReactFoo. Overall it was good, speakers shared a lot on their topics in detail.

Prateek Rungta - Miranj, shared his insights on how they improved their app's performance.

  • # PJAX
  • # Pre fetching
  • # InstantClink
  • # barba.js
  • # Micro caching
  • # Lazy loading
  • # Responsive Images
  • # Edge caching

Arwa Lokhandwala - BookMyShow, spoke about "Why we should use React Canvas”

Demo - The scenario at Bookmyshow where they had used React Canvas to solve a problem of experiencing a jank when the user tries to scroll through a large seat layout for booking.

Eesh Tyagi - Cleartrip, spoke about - “Cleartrip's reactive journey from 3.0s to 0.2s using Apollo GraphQL”

  • # GraphQL
  • # PWA
  • # Apollo client
  • # Apollo server

Kiran Abburi - BangaloreJS Community, spoke about “Building blazingly fast websites with Gatsby”

Vaibhav Lokhande -, spoke about “Deploying with confidence”

Shivang Shekhar - VRAR Association, spoke about “Piggybacking your WebVR/AR experiences with React”

Looking forward to next ReactFoo.